Getting Started

We'll use the UCSD student IDs given to you by the University to identify you unambiguously. When we give you permissions for various Google services, we will use your UCSD email address (unless you provide a different gmail address).

We use Google Drive for submitting student work. You'll be given access to the appropriate folders to do so.

We have setup a Piazza forum for questions and discussion. We'll automatically enroll you so that you can send and receive all posts via email. It is best to ask questions on the forum so the answers are available to all. If you have problems posting questions by email or
accessing the forum in a browser, simply request access at the Discussion Group link.

Great Optional Books
  • Business Model Generation by Osterwalder and Pigneur explains the kind of business plan you will be creating.
  • The Lean Startup by Ries is a good statement of philosophy.
  • Sketching User Experiences by Buxton advocates a holistic view of design to achieve success with new products and systems.
  • Creating Breakthrough Products by Cagan and Vogel offers strategies for uncovering new market opportunities and identifying what customers really value
  • Startup Owners' Manual by Blank and Dorf has many detailed suggestions for developing business plans.
  • Founders at Work by Livingston contains interviews with several early internet venture founders. It is often referred as one of the best book talking about the experience of founding a tech-oriented startup.
  • The Hard Thing about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz is a first person honest account about how difficult it is to start a business.
  • Good to Great by Jim Collins talks about how can good companies, mediocre companies, even bad companies achieve enduring greatness.