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A1 Ideas: Generating Value Propositions

Innovation comes from generating many ideas, not just one great idea. For this project, students will learn techniques for exploring many different answers to the question "How can we leverage mobile technology to create innovative services?"

Learning Goals
  • PEST Analysis
  • Value/Revenue Diagrams
  • Competitive analysis
Readings and Videos
What To Do
  1. Creating PEST Analysis: Discuss the current state of the world and create a PEST analysis that represents the potential business opportunities for this year.
  2. Generating ten ideas: Brainstorm to create about ten ideas for new innovative mobile services. Try to base your ideas on elements of the PEST analysis. A natural way to start is to remember an experience that could be improved or a recurring problem you would like to solve. Record the idea in the form of a written scenario about how people with a goal achieve it using your imagined service.
  3. Analyzing competing solutions: Similar services that already exist. Spend no more than an hour for each idea. Analyze them to assess their success and shortcomings. If you don't see a way to beat the existing services, abandon this idea. In either case, record what you learned and cite your sources with the link to where you found your information.
  4. Choosing an idea and creating a value proposition and user scenario: Consider the good or bad things about each remaining idea and the problems in implementing them. Choose the best one, possibly combining some, and create a value flow model. Also, elaborate your written user scenario to include details about the intended user, the problem faced by the user, and how the proposed solution will help overcome this problem.  
  5. Creating and rehearsing a short pitch: Based on your value proposition model and user scenario, create and rehearse a pitch. (1 minute maximum; practice!)

From the Important Links page, follow the A1 folder link to create a Google Drive folder for yourself. Put your work in it, except for items you wish to keep private. Name the folder with your last name, followed by first. Your folder should include a Google Slides presentation that summarizes your PEST factors, your list of ideas, your research on competing solutions, a user scenario, and a value proposition model. This will be an in depth explanation of your one minute pitch. Good examples of A1 from past years: Rent-A-SwagEmporium, The Honest Politician.

For your 1-minute pitch on Tuesday of Week 2, you made include a single slide inside this Google slide deck. Make sure your slide includes your name! Also fill out the information in this spreadsheet. Make sure your description is only one sentence!

Grading Rubric

Aspect Question(s) Check - Check Check +
Scenario 20% Does it explain what the service does from the users' viewpoint? Unclear or confusing Clear and motivating Very interesting and informative.
PEST Factors   10% Does it describe real trends which affect the services potential? Vague or irrelevant.     Includes important factors that affect the opportunity. Surprising and significant.
Value/Revenue Proposition 70% Does it plausibly suggest a desirable, sustainable business and include all relevant stakeholders? Unclear or implausible.     Yes, the stakeholders and value flows make sense. This suggests a novel, potentially powerful business model.

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