Team Contract

Create a team contract that specifies how your team will operate.

Here are some suggestions for items to include

  • Choose a team name to replace the pro forma one (e.g. Team B) that you were given.
  • Decide on a weekly meeting time.
  • Decide how to organize your team's folder on Google Drive.
  • Agree upon a team manager charged with making things happen—facilitating meetings, providing team materials, wrangling technology, dividing work, etc. You can rotate this job—or not.
  • Perform process checks, as often as every meeting, to keep the team healthy.
  • Arrange methods for remote participation.
  • Specify desired individual behaviors, e.g.
    • Attending meetings on time
    • Working hard
    • Respecting and helping others
    • Reading the text and assignment before starting to work

Learning goals:

    • Understand the concept and goals of team contracts.
    • Become organized for work.


1. Meet, learn about each other, share expectations with one another, select a team name, and write a one-page contract using the template on this page and examples from another class.

2. Upload it to your team's folder, which you create in this Google Drive folder. Choose an informative name with your own names appended, e.g. Concept_Lastname1_Lastname2_Lastname3.

Optional Reading


This is graded as Pass/Fail.