Important Links

  • All lectures recorded as Zoom casts (posted shortly after lecture)

  • All lecture slides as PDFs (posted shortly after lecture)

  • Readings folder

  • Form to give anonymous feedback about the course or instructors


This is a studio/project-based class with time devoted to lecture, group activities, student presentations, and design crits. Grades will reflect project performance, process documentation, and team participation. Throughout the quarter, interactions with online crowds will provide students an external source of feedback. Students should allow these interactions to shape their design concepts.

Students are expected to virtually attend all lectures. Please arrive on time and be ready to turn on your camera and interact with peers. During crits, students are expected to offer constructive criticism on their classmates' work. If students must miss class for an excusable reason, get permission IN ADVANCE from the instructor and keep teammates informed.

Grading breakdown:

    • 10% A1: Generating ideas

    • 15% A2: Discovering competitors

    • 20% A3: Creating scenarios

    • 20% A4: Launching probes

    • 20% A5: Pitching your innovation

    • 10% Reading reflections

    • 5% Team contract and team evaluations

Team peer evaluations will be conducted for assignments A2-A5 and can influence an individual student’s grade by +/-5%.

Late Assignments

It is vitally important to keep up with course assignments and discussions in order to participate fully. For instance, if you are late doing a reading, it means that you’ll be unprepared for lecture and discussion in class. Late assignments will receive 5% deduction per day for the first week, and 50% deduction if more than a week late. Late assignments will also get their feedback slower, which will be important for doing well on the next assignment. Work with your team to stay on schedule.


COGS 122 Startup Studio is an advanced project-based design course focused on team ideation and collaboration that requires a good amount of interaction and synergy between classmates. For Fall 2021, the course is in-person and on campus.

Lectures will be presented via zoom and recorded for reference. Synchronous interaction will provide the greatest experience. Although we are not requiring students to have their cameras turned on for the duration of lectures, we highly encourage it in order to get the most out of the class experience. Some of the activities we plan to incorporate into zoom sessions with camera integration include, but are not limited to:

  • Discussions

  • Critique sessions

  • Team building

  • Small group activities

We look forward to having you all in class this semester to get the most from COGS 122 Startup Studio. We are excited to see what you will create, and the innovative business models you design!


Teamwork is complicated. We appreciate that part of the challenge in this class will be figuring out how to work with people that have different work styles, time zones, backgrounds, and experiences. Keep in mind these points as you develop a relationship with your team.

  • Collaboration can thrive through differences. Some people may be better at ideating and leading, others may be quiet contributors. Try to understand your team's skills and proclivities, and allocate work accordingly.

  • Teams take time to develop. Give your team a chance to grow and learn together. It’s normal to disagree at times, but listen to each other and move on from those disagreements so that you can learn how to perform together.

  • Team reporting. At the end of the project, each of you will submit a report sharing an analysis of your own contribution and the work of your team members. Your overall grade on the project will be adjusted based on your individual contributions.

  • Team obligations. Everyone on the team is responsible for knowing and being on top of the steps of the assignment.

  • Team leaders. Your job is to help corral your team to take the next steps. Communicate regularly with your peers. We appreciate that this is extra work. If you have a busy week, turn over leadership to someone else on your team to step in for you.

References and Cheating

In all your work in this class, you should utilize and cite any sources of information you can: search results, news sources, scholarly papers, personal contacts, and outside faculty. Acknowledge them with specific footnotes or hyperlinks. Specify each source well enough that a reader can find it. We will reward you for using/citing sources and penalize you for using none. If you cut and paste content from elsewhere, use quotation marks and footnotes. Not acknowledging your citations is an ethical failure, but failing to seek help limits your effectiveness.

Should any student be found guilty of cheating on an assignment, the University will be notified. Additionally, depending on the circumstances, and at the discretion of the instructor and the Department Head, a student could fail the course and may be expelled from the University. A student can appeal any faculty decision to the UC San Diego Academic Senate.

Special Needs

If you have a special need, or will be missing class for any personal reasons, let us know during the first week of class and it will not be penalized. If you have a disability and wish to request an accommodation, please contact the Office for Students with Disabilities. We will be happy to work with you to support your success in the class.

We know this is complex time for students as they work from home, and/or may be called upon to care for family and friends, near and far. Some students might be dealing with grief or loss, depression or feelings of being overwhelmed. UCSD Wellness offers services to help with issues that might arise in these uncertain times. We recommend that you turn to CAPS for support, guidance, or advice in navigating these unprecedented times. Students should call CAPS (858) 534-3755, 24/7, for assistance.