Instructions: Read & Reflect

Read. We have selected a series of readings to inform your innovation process. See the full list below. Students should read the appropriate article before Tuesday's class and then be prepared to meaningfully contribute to a small group discussion. For certain weeks, the instructor will create breakout groups (in class, on Zoom) for students to discuss the articles.

Reflect. Each student must submit a short reflection (200-400 words) to demonstrate you read the paper and thought about how it affects your design work. These reflections should be posted on Canvas by Tuesday's class for each week of readings. Your reflections may include:

  • Summarizing the paper's main ideas and discussing why they matter

  • Saying what you learned or what surprised you about the material

  • Critiquing the paper in terms of methodological, logical, technical, and ethical issues

  • Pointing to other relevant work, such as other related papers (please provide a citation)

  • Discussing how you might apply the paper's insights or methods to your own design activities this week

Reading List for Fall 2021:

Read these papers/chapters/article before Tuesday's class for each week based on the official UCSD calendar. Reflections must be posted on Canvas by 11am PST on Tuesday each week listed below. You can also find this collection of readings, plus optional readings, in this Readings folder.

Grading Rubric for Reflections:

We will grade the reading reflection on a 2-pt scale.

  • 2.0 pts: Your answer exhibits a strong effort to gain insights from each reading and to connect with your own design experiences, as well as with other papers or online resources.

  • 1.0 pts: Your answer only shows a satisfactory effort to gain insights from each paper, to share your own design experiences, and does not connect with additional papers or resources.

  • No submission.

We have 9 readings / reflections this quarter (one per week) for a total of 18 points. This will comprise 10% of the overall course grade.

Optional Readings / Books / Talks:

Here are great books that every entrepreneur should read. Select portions of these books are included in the required readings above.